We are excited to welcome you back to the Beachcomber Resort

We ask for your co-operation and understanding with regards to the latest required protocols as we work together to comply with the current health department and locally governmental mandated guidelines.  We have also implemented addition safety measures that we deem necessary to everyone’s safety.  Here’s what was ask of you and what we are doing to operate safely for you and our associates:

  • We are checking everyone’s temperature.  All employees will be temperature checked upon entering the property and their temperature must be no greater than 99.5 degrees in order to go to work.  We also will be checking all guests’ temperatures as an added precaution to meet this threshold.  For the safety of our employees and other guests, we will restrict access to our property including our dining areas and bars should anyone’s temperature exceed 99.5 degrees.  Anyone testing over 99.5 degrees will be advised to seek medical attention and follow the established Covid-19 protocols set by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).
  • All employees are required to properly wear facial coverings over their nose and mouth at all times.  All guests entering the property will also be required to properly wear facial coverings over their nose and mouth.  Guest may only remove their masks while seated and eating and/or drinking.
  • We are frequently sanitizing all touch points/point of contact surfaces throughout the property with the EvaClean sanitizing/fogging system with an antimicrobial sanitizing chemical that is specifically formulated to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
  • We have placed proper signage to outline designated safe social distancing spacing throughout the property.
  • Seating at dining areas will be set at a maximum of 6 person parties.
  • Seating will not be offered at our bars.  We are offering table side service from our bar.  Bar seating is not available due to current restrictions.
  • All of us, employees and guests, are required to practice social distancing of 6 feet separation at all times while interacting and walking around the property.  We will also be positing tables and seating based on 6 foot social distancing protocols.  The only exception is that dining parties of 10 persons maximum may dine together, however we will maintain safe social distancing between table locations.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entry points of our dining areas. We require that all of our employees adhere to CDC outlined hand washing techniques.  We also ask that our guest utilize the hand sanitizer we make available as well as the hand washing techniques as outlined by the CDC; our restrooms are available to wash your hands for your convenience.
  • All tables, chairs and surface touch points will be properly cleaned and sanitized in accordance with CDC protocols frequently and between changes in guests’ seatings.
  • We are providing single use, disposable menus and well as scannable QR codes if you wish to view on your smart device.
  • Tables will not be set with silverware, condiments, etc. in accordance with locally mandated procedures for food and beverage operations as part of the “new normal”.  All condiments, including salt and pepper will be served on request in portions or may be requested to be added on your ordered item(s)